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At Chualar Union School District, we pride ourselves in providing excellent education, outstanding nutrition and a save environment to our students; as well as great communication with parents/guardians and the community as a whole.

In recent years, Chualar Union School District has experienced immense growth which is the product of the exceptional commitment and hard work provided by all staff to our students. All our Extraordinary Teachers are NCLB compliant, Credentialed and able to work with bilingual students (BCLAD/CLAD). All staff, both school and district distinguish themselves by working together and being involved with parents/guardians and students, making sure all students are given the education, nutrition and environment they need to learn, grow and be prepared for the future.

We hope you enjoy the Chualar Union School District and Chualar School website.  

We are proud to have this School Portal to enhance the communication between our faculty, staff, parents, students and Chualar City. This web portal offers a wealth of information about our school community and we hope you will find it to be a valuable resource.

Check back with us frequently to see the latest news about our community and to learn about upcoming activities.  As always, we value your feedback.  Please use the feedback form on our Contact Us page to send us your comments and suggestions.

Thank you!